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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is not merely just a word. It is a lifestyle where everything you do makes a difference. 

We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity to IMPACT the world, and that we have an obligation to do so. But because this obligation is born of opportunity and not guilt, it becomes a joy!

How many things do we take for granted each day while there are those who are far less fortunate? What if we could make choices each day that actually IMPACTED those in need? 


Everyone has an opportunity to IMPACT. From businesses and nonprofits to families and individuals. 

So, what will you do with your finances, your business, your life?

IMPACT /ˈimˌpækt/ noun

A powerful or major influence or effect

Britannica Dictionary

The Story Behind IMPACT

Founders, Chris & Brandon, always had a passionate desire to help others and give back as much as they can. When they first started working together on some business projects, it became apparent that they were meant to be partners. They both wanted to make an impact on the world and decided to start a company that would allow them and other companies to do just that. That is how Make The Impact was born.


We strive to fill businesses with a passion and drive for generosity and impact. To go above and beyond the "bottom line" and take full advantage of the opportunities they have. To help drive this movement in the business community Make the Impact decided to lead the way, committing a large portion of all their profits to causes around the world. 

IMPACT Speaking

Some of the Topics We Cover

IMPACTING Leadership

Leading a team can be hard, sometimes even feeling exhausting. What if you were to lead your team and have fun doing it, not feel like work, or an obligation? This is where Impacting Leadership can help! Learn to lead your team from areas of impact around your organization and around the world, while also increasing productivity and employee/ team retention.

Building an Impact Culture

So you have a vision? This vision could change the world if you could just get your team to be as passionate as you are, true? Well, you know what they say if you build they will... change the world. Yes, that's right, building an Impact Culture could change the world. When your team has the tools and culture to take on the world, they will!

Growth Through Giving

Pinch every penny! We say maybe, but certainly, give more. We have seen the power of giving, and studies have shown that companies that commit to giving as a line item on their budget have seen a 20-30% increase in revenue year after year. It may be something to think about.

Quarterly IMPACT Campaign

Each quarter we have the privilege of highlighting a nonprofit that is creating IMPACT in our local communities and around the world. This is an opportunity to IMPACT beyond your current commitments.

Partnering for a GREATER Cause

We are excited to partner with the Think GREAT Foundation and their work with the military and veteran spouse community. Many military spouses put their dreams on hold to support their family. The Think GREAT Foundation gives academic scholarships to military spouses so that they can pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential!

Opportunities To IMPACT

Quarterly Campaign

Join us for the 6 week campaign we host each quarter to create more IMPACT in our communities and around the world.



Looking for a speaker for your next company event or charity fundraiser? Our team would love to speak on IMPACT.



Every business needs to take credit cards as a form of payment. We have taken a familiar service and developed an IMPACT driving machine.


Merchant Processing

An important aspect of operating and growing a business is having the ability to take payments. Using our system allows businesses to do just that while making an IMPACT with every transaction they run. No matter what industry you are in or the size of your business, we have a solution for you. If you are ready to be more generous and make an IMPACT with your life, then your business is too.

Interested In Our Full IMPACT Package?

IMPACTOR /imˈpaktər/ noun

A person who lives a life where a difference is

being made that matters beyond themselves.

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