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We make it easy for your business to make an impact

Our impactors are businesses and organizations that are making an impact around the world every day through their payment processing.

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Make the Impact

Merchant processing; priced to make an IMPACT

Merchant fees are a normal cost of doing business these days, if you have to pay them why not have them make an impact? At Make the Impact we have generated a competitive pricing model, great hardware, and best in class customer service. Through this IMPACT pricing model, we contribute a percentage of each transaction to an IMPACT partner of your choice! Therefore the more you process the greater the IMPACT!

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Hear stories of your impact and other ways to make an impact

Let’s talk about Numbers


or more of profits from merchant fees go directly to impact partners


see an increase in sales when they promote their impact partner


of impactors make a greater impact than they were previously making

Brandon Pehrson

Brandon graduated at 18 with a two-year degree in business. His professional journey started in sales, which he quickly came to love. However, he always wanted his life to make an impact in the world, not for his sake, but for others. Brandon’s work with Make the Impact has allowed him to do what he loves! When Brandon isn’t working you can find him with his wife, Amanda, or doing most things outdoors. He believes that one of life’s greatest joys is experiencing the world around us.

Chris Lambert

Chris landed in his found passion for business and nonprofit by accident but has never looked back. He has always believed that he was created to change the world, therefore finding his work with Make The Impact has been a joy. Finding himself not only helping businesses and entrepreneurs with running strong operations, but he also loves partnering with them to help make an impact on the world. When Chris isn't working you will find him with his wife and 5 daughters, enjoying the outdoors or serving as a pastor at his local church.   

Meet our Impact Team

3. Start Making Your Impact

Start using your merchant account to make the greatest impact. As your business grows, so does your impact! 

1. Choose Impact Pricing

Impact pricing is specialized pricing that maximizes profits, and impact. It's two birds with one stone kind of win! Only with Higher Standards payment solutions. *

2. Choose an Impact Partner

Choose an impact partner that connects with your passion. All of our partners have been put through our Make the Impact certification process to ensure the highest impact possible.**

Let's Get Started

The process is simple, if you own a business and take credit cards in any form for payment, we will set you up with a new merchant account. During your setup, you will choose your Impact Partner, from our certified partners. Then every dollar swiped, dipped, or taped through your merchant account will start to Impact!