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Brandon Pehrson

Brandon graduated at 18 with a two-year degree in business. His professional journey started in sales, which he quickly came to love. However, he always wanted his life to make an impact in the world, not for his sake, but for others. Brandon’s work with Make The Impact has allowed him to do what he loves! When Brandon isn’t working you can find him with his wife, Amanda, reading, or doing most things outdoors. He believes that one of life’s greatest joys is experiencing the world around us.

Chris Lambert

Chris landed in his passion for business and nonprofit by accident but has never looked back. He has always believed that he was created to change the world, so co-founding Make The Impact has been a step in that direction. Finding himself not only helping businesses and entrepreneurs with running strong operations, but he also loves partnering with them to help make an impact on the world. When Chris isn't working you will find him with his wife and 5 daughters, enjoying the outdoors or serving as a pastor at his local church.   

Meet The Founders of IMPACT

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