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Increasing Profitability With Automated Payments

Many businesses provide services on an ongoing basis, requiring recurring payments from their customers. This, however, holds risks because not every customer will pay on time, leading to an increase in accounts receivable. Late payments also lead to time spent calling to collect card information to process the payment, only to do the same thing again next month.

Avoid dealing with late payments while increasing profitability through automated recurring transactions. By entering the customer's payment information once, you can set a recurring transaction to run in the timeframe you select. Most commonly this will be either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Automated payments help to:

  • Create an efficient sales process

  • Produce more consistent cashflow

  • Generate increased revenue

  • Strengthen customer experience

  • Capture long-term customers

Perfect for industries such as:

  • HOAs

  • Utility Companies

  • Membership Based Companies

  • Coaching

  • And More!

Consider making an impact by taking automated payments in your business. At Make The Impact, we give a portion of every recurring transaction to causes worldwide. We engage you in the cause you choose from our list, so you know the exact Impact your business has!

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