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6 Things That Attract Donors to Give

You are passionate about what you do. You run a nonprofit so you can work with purpose. You want to make a difference. Donations to support your nonprofit are crucial. How can you help increase those donations? Experts can advise on how to improve, but why not hear from the donors themselves on what attracts them when considering which nonprofit to give to? In this blog, we will discuss six simple things that can attract donors to give to your nonprofit.

Donation being made with phone

Be Specific

As a donor, people want to know exactly what you do and how you are making a difference. It’s one of the main things they will consider when choosing where to give. If they understand what you are doing, they come to believe in what you are doing and then feel compelled to give. Put your mission front and center as the first thing people see as they visit your website. This can set you apart from other nonprofits.

Make It Easy

If a donor has to search for how to give, they can be quick to move on. Make sure your donate button is easy to find. Even better, make it stand out on your website. Keep in mind that multiple clicks and multiple pages will deter people from walking through the entire donation process. The saying less is more applies here. Keep both your landing page and donation form simple, specific, and user-friendly. If you are in need of a donation platform, feel free to check out the Give Back Gateway offered by Make the Impact.

Use Visuals

People don’t want to just read about you and what you do. They want to see it! Share attractive pictures that represent you and what you do.

Give Facts, Because facts don't lie

If a donor can see real numbers that explain the reality of what your nonprofit is trying to do, they will be more likely to give. When people come face to face with the statistics of homelessness, people fighting addiction, or suicide, it becomes real to them. And when they can see how each dollar they give represents lives changed, it moves them. These grave facts and real-life numbers compel people to give. The facts that you present help people see you are credible. They learn that you are knowledgeable and invested in your cause. People are more likely to give when they see you are truly invested in making a difference.

Make it Personal, A Story has Impact

This is huge! People want to know where their money is going, period. Donors also love to know how their money is impacting others and how it is working for a cause. Sharing testimonials on your website is a great opportunity to let people read for themselves how your organization is impacting lives. Consider impact videos of interviews with people whose lives have benefited directly from your nonprofit. For the donor, this enables them to see, in real life, how their donation can make an impact.

Give Tangible Outcomes

This isn’t always possible, but when it is, it’s worth sharing! For instance, what does every dollar do? If a donor gives $100, can you show exactly what their $100 dollars is doing? If they can see exactly what their money is doing and how it Is helping, it can lead them to give MORE! It also has the ability to compel them to share your nonprofit with others! Generosity with a purpose is contagious!

For More..

For more on how you can make and impact or learn about or donor management tools feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

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