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Making an Impact starts here

At Make the Impact, we're committed to more than just business transactions. That's why we have created a way through credit card transactions, to IMPACT some of the greatest needs locally and around the world. 

How to Start

1. Pick an Impact Partner

Each of our partners has been certified through an impact certification process to ensure you know exactly the IMPACT every dollar has in your partnership.

2. Impact Pricing

Our IMPACT pricing is designed to provide maximum IMPACT while remaining competitive.

3. Process Your Payments

We will establish the most suitable system for your business to process fast, secure payments wherever you do business. 


Now let us do the rest! We will contribute a percentage of every transaction, and update you on your IMPACT throughout the year!

Impact Calculator

Start by who you are?

We believe your company is built to make an IMPACT on the world, as you fill out this calculator. Please let us know a bit about you so we can help provide you with our greatest IMPACT potential!

Choose your Impact!

Next, let's choose the category of IMPACT you are interested in most! If you are unsure what each category represents, please check out the "Our Partners" page before using the Calculator. 

What are the numbers?

Now, this is where the magic happens! We are committed to contributing a percentage of every transaction to your partner of choice. In order to know what that amount is we need to know a few details about your current processing.


Once you submit your info, you will immediately receive an IMPACT number, or what we like to call an "IMPACT Unit". This calculation of course is only based on the data you provided, sign up with us today and your IMPACT could be a whole lot more!